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History of Pierre's

In 1956 Pierre's opened it's doors. It became instantly famous as it housed one of of the very first of three Italian Espresso machines ever to hit Australian shores. Pierre's was the second establishment in Australia to install their machine, only hours after Pellegrini's in Melbourne installed theirs. Pierre's is truely iconic and is Tasmania's Oldest Brasserie Cafe (Australia's second oldest) and for more than half a century Pierre's continued to be the popular downtown place where people would meet and dine. The original owners, Pierre and Helen Lecomte, operated the business for over 30 years developing a new landmark business - the first of it's kind. After huge effort and many years on, the business saw change of ownership a couple of times.
In 2007 the Birchmore Family bought the business and then purchased the freehold from the Lecomte's who still owned the building located at 88 and 88a George St, Launceston. All of 2008 saw the building undergo a total rebuild if Pierre's was to exist and carry on its tradition. The building was Heritage Listed but in need for a major overhaul. The transformation was complex, required careful planning and a large investment. The year long rebuild involved the employment of local trade and the refit used local product wherever possible. All new building, Health and Safety standards were met. Pierre's was able to re-open it's doors in January 2009.
Today, Launceston born Rohan Birchmore and his wife Sarah now operate Pierre's with their dedicated team of front of house and kitchen staff. Since re-opening, the building has received two awards. The first was a Heritage Award from the Launceston City Council, and secondly local architects Birrelli, won a major Australian Architecture Design Award which outlined their contribution to the Pierre's building project.
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